Planned and ongoing project activities

  1. CDM Capacity Building Project supported by the Belgian Government is already running and involves training of 6 Ugandans as CDM consultants and supporting at least 8 projects through the CDM project cycle upto registration and issuance by the UN CDM Executive Board.
  2. Preparation of the Second National Communication with financial support from the Global environmental facility is on-going and is expected to be completed by early 2014.
  3. The EU- Global Climate Change Alliance Project which is focussing on Adaptation, has some elements of Mitigation especially on tree planting support to Sawlog Production Grant Scheme and general capacity building support. The project is in the early stages of implementation.
  4. The UNDP supported Project on Low Emission Capacity Building is about to be signed by the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development.
  5. Through the on-going Danish Support under the old Components and the bridging support, a number of Mitigation activities are planned to be undertaken.

Achievements so far made

  1. Establishment of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Register.
  2. Approval of a number of CDM Projects in the country in various sectors including renewable energy, afforestation, energy efficiency, water purification and municipal solid wastes. Some of these CDM Projects are programmatic while others are single Projects.Many of the Projects issued with the Letters of Approval (LoAs) have been registered by the UN CDM Executive Board. The full list of these is attached on Annex 1.
  3. Due to proactive work of the CCU which is also the Secretariat for the Designated National Authority (DNA) for Uganda under the Kyoto Protocol, Uganda now ranks the 3rd best country in Africa in terms of CDM performance. Through these carbon trading efforts, Uganda has registered modest carbon investments in the country (over USD 250 million) which continue to contribute to the country’s poverty reduction and food security efforts as well as economic growth while at the same time contributing to the global efforts of tackling the rising greenhouse gas emissions.
  4. Undertaken a number of awareness and capacity building activities on mitigation alongside adaptation across the country and in a number of sectors at the national level.

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Climate change threats continue to pose the greatest challenges not only at the global level but also in Uganda. Global efforts aimed at tackling the rising emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) associated with global warming due to human activities continue to dominate the international agenda. Uganda, as a Party to the UNFCCC and its Kyoto Protocol, has commitments and obligations to comply with as part of contributing to tackling climate change.

At the national level, the institutional arrangements to handle climate change Adaptation and Mitigation including addressing the cross-cutting areas of awareness, mainstreaming and means of implementation through Financing, Technology Transfer and Capacity Building, are already in place.

Climate Change Mitigation which broadly covers tackling the root cause of greenhouse gas emissions and taking advantage of clean technologies is important in Uganda’s context as part of contributing to the sustainable development of the country. Indeed the National Development Plan (NDP) emphasizes among the strategic objectives under climate change, the need to promote the low carbon development pathway for the country and climate-proof our national development.

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