The current approval process

1. A written request for a letter of approval must be submitted to the Climate Change Department (CCD) in both hard and soft copy.

The written request must be accompanied by the following documents:

  • Final Project Design Document (PDD): The project participant must provide a soft and a hard copy of the PDD.
  • Completed Sustainable Development Criteria Template (Download Template).
  • Environmental Impact assessment (EIA) Certificate: This is mainly to ensure the observance of proper safe guards in the planning and execution of all development projects including those already in existence that are likely to interfere with the environment. This is issued by the National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA).
  • Documentation to substantiate legal status of the Applicant.
  • Documentation regarding ODA, where applicable.

CCD may request additional information in addition to the requirements listed above.

2. After submission of the application, the CCD will review the documentation to ensure it meets all the requirements.

3. If all the requirements have been met, CCD will conduct an initial assessment of the application, including subjecting it to the sustainable development criteria.

4. A meeting of the Climate Change Policy Committee (CCPC) will then be convened to consider the application. If the application is approved by the CCPC, CCD will recommend to the Minister of Water and Environment (DNA) to issue a Letter of Approval for the CDM Project or PoA.

5. If these requirements are not met, CCD will provide a letter to the project participant noting the areas of concern. The project participant must address the comments and revise documentation, as appropriate, in order for CCD to complete the approval process.

The Ministry will aim to provide either the Letter of Approval in a CDM Project or a letter outlining necessary revisions within six (06) weeks from the date of receipt of the request for approval and submission of all supporting documentation or from the date of submission of any revisions, clarifications, whichever is later.

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