Project Progress Reports

The progress report presents the activities Climate Change Department ought to carry out and those that have already been carried out.

GCCA First progress report

Highlights & Events

In order to develop specific awareness messages for stakeholders at district and national level the CCD conducted knowledge assessments targeting 20 selected districts and committees at national level. An awareness campaign for district officers in the 20 districts basing on the analysis of the needs assessment findings is starting in November 2014. The needs assessment on national level is currently being analyzed. The analysis of the knowledge assessment on district level can be downloaded here In cooperation with FAO the CCD selected 20 districts within the cattle corridor for the awareness campaign. For starting the campaign and informing the heads of the targeted District Local Governments about the upcoming activities within their districts, CCD has organized a one day pre-awareness workshop for the district officials in Soroti and Masaka in February 2014. Reports from the workshops can be downloaded from these links Soroti report and Masaka report

Main Outcomes and Activities under the GCCA Support

The overall outcome of the GCCA project at the CCD is to strengthen knowledge and capacities for climate change adaptation in Uganda through trainings and production of education material that will address: key institutions at national and district level, the Civil Societies and Uganda Communities at large. The main activities of the project are;

  •     Conduct a comprehensive needs assessment at national and sub-national level
  •     Develop appropriate / specific awareness messages
  •     Develop a strategy for awareness raising at different levels
  •     Conduct awareness raising events at national and sub-national level

A detailed summary of outcomes, activities and subactivities can be downloaded here

The Global Climate Change Alliance- Uganda: Agriculture Adaptation to Climate Change

The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) with funds from the European Union provided by the Republic of Ireland is supporting the Government of Uganda through the Ministry of Water and Environment – Climate Change Department (CCD) through the Global Climate Change Alliance – Uganda: Agriculture Adaptation to Climate Change. The support started in September 2013 aims at supporting the CCD in its mandate to strengthen Uganda’s implementation of the United Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and its Kyoto Protocol.

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