Uganda Signs-off NDC Partnership Plan

Uganda Signs-off NDC Partnership Plan

Uganda Signs-off NDC Partnership Plan

On 26 June 2018, Uganda became the first country to sign-off the 3 year NDC Partnership Plan for Climate Action in Africa, running till 2020. The Government of Uganda through the designated NDC Partnership focal points: the Climate Change Department of Ministry of Water and Environment (MWE/CCD), Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development (MoFPED), and the National Planning Authority (NPA) in collaboration with NDC Partnership Support Unit facilitated the process that developed the plan to catalyse implementation of Uganda’s NDC. (Download Uganda’s NDC Partnership Plan here)

Uganda NDC Partnership Plan builds on and aligns with existing institutional arrangements and policy frameworks such as: Second National Development Plan (NDP II); National Climate Change Policy (2015) and its Costed Implementation Strategy; Green Growth Development Strategy and National sectoral policies. The Uganda NDC Partnership Plan identifies 5 results;

  1. Efficient, operational and gender-responsive policy and institutional framework for the effective governance of climate change in Uganda strengthened.
  2. Financing for climate change increased and reflected in relevant planning and budgeting frameworks at national and local levels.
  3. Effective and institutionalised MRV system that monitors GHG emissions and gender responsive adaptation measures.
  4. Strengthened capacity of government, civil society, private sector and academia to effectively integrate NDC-SDGS commitment with a gender lens into existing and future programs.
  5. Project financing for NDC implementation accelerated.

Uganda’s NDC prioritises adaptation whilst reducing vulnerability and increasing resilience at the grassroots level.  The NDC sets a target of 22 percent reduction of national greenhouse gas emissions in 2030 compared to business-as-usual to be achieved through  cumulative impact of the policies and measures in the energy supply, forestry and wetland sectors. For more information, about the NDC Partnership Work in Uganda, please visit the link:

  • Download Report on the High level event on Uganda’s Climate Plans and Ambitions here.
  • Download progress report on Uganda’s NDC Partnership Plan (June – July, 2018) here

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