The CHAI project seeks to strengthen the adaptive capacity of individuals and communities in the cattle-corridor to water-related impacts of climate change and variability by improving the quality and timeliness of climate risk and adaptation information through the utilization of ICT tools. Four districts, namely, Soroti, Nakasongola, Rakai, and Sembabule, representing a range of water management zones and agro-ecological conditions, will form the pilot sites for the project.

The project will:

i.assess relevance of indigenous knowledge, information and communication needs of vulnerable communities and government institutions identifying the factors which hinder these agencies’ efforts to predict risks and implement adaptation options;
ii.develop and test the effectiveness of an information system combining mobile phone-based applications and other ICT tools for two-way communication on water-related climate risks and adaptation options;
iii.research how the use of ICTs impact the ability of communities to better adopt to water related impacts of climate change;
iv.Document lessons and share findings to inform national adaptation policy and practice.