The Climate Change Department of the Ministry of Water and Environment of Uganda has been implementing the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Capacity Development and Projects Support Project, with financial support from the Government of Belgium through the Belgian Development Agency (BTC) in Uganda.

The aim of the intervention, which as of December 2015 is in its closing phase, was to strengthen the capacity of Ugandan public and private entities in identifying and implementing CDM projects; thus contribute to sustainable economic development of Uganda. The Project included hands-on capacity building of up to eight Ugandan consultants, in all stages of the CDM project development cycle.


The Project is a Euro 2.2 million project that has been implemented over a period of 48 months starting on of the date of signing of the specific agreement on 24 November 2010 between the two governments.

However, due to the late start of the Project, almost a year later, the Project obtained an extension of 12months bringing the total implementation duration to 60months from the date of signing of the specific agreement.


Until July 2015, the project was implemented by a team of international and national consultants from Camco Advisory Services (K) Ltd including Mr Stephen Mutimba as the Project Manager; Ms Rachel Child (who replaced Mr. Adriaan Tas) as the International Technical Advisor; and Mrs. Martha Ntabadde Kasozi as the National Technical Advisor-working in close collaboration with the Climate Change Department (CCD) and supported by the CDM Trainees and later CDM Project Officers. From August the Project is being technically supported by the National Technical Advisor, supported by a CDM Project Officer.

Project Objectives and Result Areas/Outputs

The CDM Capacity Development and Projects Support Project was conceived with the following objectives:

Impact/ General objective:
Uganda benefiting from the Clean Development Mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol.

Outcome/ Specific objective:
Strengthened technical capacity in CDM project formulation and awareness of investment opportunities under the CDM created among government institutions, project developers,including financing institutions.

Outputs /Result Area:

Output 1: The capacity of the main CDM stakeholders in Uganda, to formulate CDM projects and knowledge of project cycle and project financing,strengthened.

Output 2: Improved accessibility and quality of Information and procedures for CDM project development in Uganda.

Output 3: A supported process for the development of Ugandan CDM projects and their registration with the CDM Executive Board.