Climate change threats continue to pose the greatest challenges not only at the global level but also in Uganda. Global efforts aimed at tackling the rising emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) associated with global warming due to human activities continue to dominate the international agenda. Uganda, as a Party to the UNFCCC and its Kyoto Protocol, has commitments and obligations to comply with as part of contributing to tackling climate change.

At the national level, the institutional arrangements to handle climate change Adaptation and Mitigation including addressing the cross-cutting areas of awareness, mainstreaming and means of implementation through Financing, Technology Transfer and Capacity Building, are already in place.

Climate Change Mitigation which broadly covers tackling the root cause of greenhouse gas emissions and taking advantage of clean technologies is important in Uganda’s context as part of contributing to the sustainable development of the country. Indeed the National Development Plan (NDP) emphasizes among the strategic objectives under climate change, the need to promote the low carbon development pathway for the country and climate-proof our national development.